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 Are you planning on making 2020 the year to beat the odds and unveil the strength you didn’t know you had within you? Now that you’ve taken the leap to start your own business, start working on building the confidence you need to become much more than a businesswoman. 

Even if you’re not a comic enthusiast, chances are you at least have an idea of who Wonder Woman is. In case you’ve managed to somehow not see, hear or read anything about this fictional character created by William Moulton Marston back in the 1940s, here are a few lines inspired by the adventures of Diana Prince –Princess Diana’s human alter-ego–. Once you’re done reading them, you’ll see it’s not that hard for you to turn into a real-life Wonder Woman. 

A world of wonder is waiting… 

  1. Cultivate Your Talent

When growing up, little Diana didn’t know her full potential yet, but somehow, she sensed she was powerful. Year after year, she trained persistently alongside the Amazons, wise, strong women who taught her art, fighting skills, and history.

It’s great if you’re already open for business, keep going towards success with constant knowledge on your side. Smart people know that there’s always something new to learn out there in the business world, especially during these fast-paced times. 

On the other hand, if you’re starting a business, work on both your craft or product and your brand, to deliver the best possible results.

Besides having something great to offer and the drive to succeed, you need to give your business a strong image. As a businesswoman, you must take yourself seriously to build a brand that people can spot and remember. First and foremost, you should create a logo that is eye-catching, memorable, and meaningful. 

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2. Master Self-Discipline

From a really young age, little Diana Prince is taught to get up early and train for battle. Discipline is what makes women entrepreneurs grow their business and keep their minds sharp. If you’re not very organized, make an effort to create specific schedules.

3. Explore the Unknown

Even though the idyllic island of Themyscira was the only place she had known, Diana was never scared to go for an adventure for the sake of a greater good. It’s exactly the same when running a thriving business, there’s no place for fear! Step out of your comfort zone and try new things, after all, it’s your endeavor and you’re in charge of the direction it takes for better or worse.  Trust me on this one, becoming your own boss is not the time to be shy playing it low-key and wondering about all the what-ifs. Go to networking sessions, meet new people, sit and talk to a random stranger –in a safe space, of course– and give out your business card. 

If you don’t have one already, use a business card mockup to see how it would look like before printing it out. Try different colors and designs to get a business card you feel proud of. 

4. Stick To Your Values

When facing adversity in the world of humans, Wonder Woman always remembered where she came from and what she had learned from her teachers and her mother Hippolyta, queen of the Amazons.

Once you’re certain of who you are, the relevance of your product and what your business stands for, there’s almost no room for doubting and second-guessing yourself.  Listen to those who surround you, and lend a hand for those who need it, remember that women empowering women is key to help our businesses grow. 

5. Trust Your Gut

Just like those epic battles when Diana has to face her enemies all by herself, you need to trust yourself enough when facing unfavorable times, and also recognize an opportunity when you have a good feeling. Think you’re the woman who started this. Don’t limit yourself by society’s conditions, stay true to yourself, listen to that little voice inside, and know your strength. 

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6. Be A Team Player

Even Diana, the greatest of the Amazons that had everything to win by herself, had to team up with men and women to defeat evil. Remember that successful women think differently, so be open to listening to other people’s critique and learn to work with them. Recognize everyone has flaws, even if you’re a master at your craft. More importantly, learn that nobody is perfect. 

7. Acknowledge the Work of Others

When victorious, Wonder Woman is thankful for those who taught them how to fight; it shouldn’t be that different from women in the real world. If not all of them, I’m pretty sure most successful women entrepreneurs can name at least a couple of people whose work inspired them. 

What do you think about these lessons? Are you ready to become an amazon to lead your business? Please share your insights with our wonderful community of women! 

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Alina Midori; Content Marketer at Placeit, a journalist at heart and haiku writer. If her life was a movie, it’ll probably be a horror movie/chick-flick called I Didn’t Have Coffee This Morning or a book called The Beast Who Hibernated Inside a Hungry Girl. 



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