Business Lessons From Our Favorite Halloween Movies
Spooky Lessons for Strong Women

Spooky season is upon us! It’s time to carve your pumpkins, put out the candy bowl, and sip on apple cider! Once you’ve got your best costume on and settle in on the couch, it's time to learn some incredible business lessons from some of our favorite family-friendly Halloween flicks!

Being an entrepreneur can be scary sometimes. Being the master of your own destiny and owning all the responsibility that comes with that? Intimidating! So, what can we learn from spooky season that will help us be better business women?

Ghostbusters - Marketing is everything. Who you gonna call? Let’s be honest, fictional or not, this was marketing genius. Not only did the Ghostbusters find their niche, they solidified their reputation with an unforgettable slogan that made them the leading name in ghostbusting. Think about your own marketing and whether or not it’s working for you.  

Edward Scissorhands – What makes you different just might be your key to your success. When a loving suburban entrepreneur finds a young man with scissors for hands, she brings him home and makes him part of the family. And while Edward is met with shock and awe from the people in the neighborhood, he also finds that he’s a phenomenally talented artist! The hands that make him something of an outcast are the same hands that turn him into a lucrative entrepreneur! Value what makes you different.

Beetlejuice- Read the handbook. Lots of aspects of life don’t come with a handbook, but there are resources around us every day to learn from and prepare us for the challenges we will face. For Barbara and Adam in Beetlejuice, it’s The Handbook for the Recently Deceased, for you as an entrepreneur it may be your favorite business book, or time you’ve invested in with a coach. Use the resources you have to plan and prepare for your success. You’ll always be better off for doing so.

Hotel Transylvania- Understand your customer base. Giving people what they want is a powerful thing. And being the only person that can provide it is just as powerful. In Hotel Transylvania, Dracula runs an upscale resort where monsters can be themselves without those bothersome, pesky humans getting in the way. Not only did Dracula have a great business plan, he cornered the market by understanding who his audience was.

Hocus Pocus- Your squad is your lifeline. Whether you’re a witch from the 1600s chasing immortality or a teenager trying to protect your town from an ancient curse, you need your squad behind you, rooting for you and supporting you every step of the way.

What are you doing to support your squad this holiday season?  We all know a business woman's best friend is her supportive besties!

Here are some more outstanding business lessons learned from our favorite spooky horror movies!

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