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If you haven’t heard by now, Clubhouse is the latest social media platform to attract explosive user growth for entrepreneurs and business people alike. The number of users is exponentially growing and so is the average amount of time spent on the platform. Many were quick to test it out and others were a bit skeptical about its longevity in the social media game. Regardless, the numbers don’t lie. The big question now is should you be using the app?

Let’s start with some background of the app.

What Is Clubhouse?

Surfacing during the global pandemic, in April 2020 the voice-based social media platform was created as a call to arms. It was an app where venture capitalists and social media pioneers gathered to mingle with each other while in quarantine. Think of it as listening to a podcast or being on a conference call. All you have to do is listen, but you’re also highly encouraged to join in the conversation. 

However, unlike other platforms, there’s no record of activity or analytics to measure - unless you purchase a third-party app to do so. It is currently invite-only as it is in beta mode, but it is looking to open to the public sooner rather than later. 

Within the application, there are virtual “rooms” you can create with a specific discussion topic. Moderators and speakers are appointed, and certain people from the audience section are given the opportunity to ask questions while others join simply to listen in.

For example, at eWomenNetwork, we host an Accelerated Networking Power Hour to allow female entrepreneurs the opportunity to network with other female entrepreneurs from around the world. People will come up to the virtual stage to introduce themselves and before you know it, connections start being made and people are able to obtain valuable insight. 

Another good thing to note is that there’s no pressure in consistently being on the app posting about your day because the only two things you have to update/upload are a profile photo of yourself and your bio. 

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Why Should Entrepreneurs Be On Clubhouse?

The name of the app really says it all: Clubhouse. The reality is, Clubhouse is just that -- an exclusive club for members of all communities. Many audio influencers have started their career from the app. And until earlier this year, the app was only available to iPhone users; but now it is also available to Android users.

Here are three main reasons you should find yourself an invite and get on Clubhouse:

Expand your network

As we mentioned before, Clubhouse is full of business professionals from all types of industries, including entrepreneurs just like you. Being active on the app gives you the opportunity to connect with others who you may not have had previous access to. This even includes multi-billionaire entrepreneurs and A-list celebrities. It sounds too good to be true, right? Well, that’s the beauty of innovation. 

Clubhouse also allows you to add links to your Instagram and Twitter on your page. This is a great way for you to check out the profiles of individuals you’re interested in getting to know more. Some users even share their phone numbers and email addresses.

Learn from entrepreneurial thought leaders, investors, and experts 

Generally speaking, the chance that you get to be in front of one of your role models and get to ask a direct question is pretty slim. With the power of Clubhouse, there’s a pretty good chance that this could happen! The app is quite popular among notable business leaders, including Mark Cuban, Gary Vaynerchuk, Ben Horowitz, and more. 

Not to mention, aside from these notable individuals, Clubhouse is buzzing with investors and industry experts eager to share their insight and advice. Here’s a list of the most influential people on Clubhouse to give you an idea of who is currently using the app. Make sure to have something you can take notes with as the rooms cannot be recorded within the app.

Share your business and what you know

Being an entrepreneur is no easy journey. You’re learning and growing every day. If you’re interested in sharing these experiences and giving back to the community as a business owner, there’s plenty of opportunities to do so on Clubhouse.

You have the option to start your own room and create a discussion around the topics you want to touch on. Or, you can join other rooms that are specifically tailored to networking or sharing your expertise about a specific industry. Always keep an eye out for rooms that are relevant to what you want to share and talk about, and ensure the moderators are allowing others to come up on stage to speak. Even as a Clubhouse newbie, you can still add value to every conversation you enter, so be sure to speak up when you have resources or tools that can help other users in your room.

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Is It Worth It?

From our experience, absolutely! Especially as an entrepreneur where you must always be on top of trends and find opportunities to grow your business. If you love listening to podcasts, that’s even better because the structure is so similar. And you can’t overlook the fact that you get to create and/or be a part of communities with like-minded people (and those who will challenge your thoughts), which is an experience, unlike any other social media platform.

That being said, keep Clubhouse on your radar. The app is not going anywhere and if its recent success shows anything, it’ll be booming in 2022. And if you’re looking for a familiar face, join our group, eWomenNetwork, in the app.

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