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As an entrepreneur, you have a lot on your plate. While marketing may not be your industry, you probably already know that marketing is essential to how the world perceives you and your brand. Logo, tagline, brand guide, website, social media, and beyond-there’s a lot to be done. 

If you’ve been with eWN for a while, you’ve likely heard about Celebrity Science. If you haven’t, Celebrity Science is a division of eWomenNetwork and is our in-house branding and marketing agency. In a post-Mad Men world and with the gig economy on the rise, entrepreneurs have endless options when it comes to hiring marketing firms and contractors to fill in those key pieces of the puzzle. So, what makes Celebrity Science different?

This isn’t just about selecting a color pallet and new fonts, this is about taking the science behind what makes a celebrity and focusing that lens on you and your business to create an impactful brand that attracts your ideal customer. 

The Deep Dive.The Celebrity Science journey begins with a full day strategy session with you and your new team. We look at your competitors, what’s working for you and what’s not, areas of opportunity, pain points, and blind spots. This isn’t just about the look and feel of your brand (though, of course, that's covered too), it's also about strategy. Your team includes branding experts, but also business strategists. This isn’t about designing an ad and sending you on your way, it's about what’s best for your brand and business. We look at how you are spending your time, how you want to be spending your time, what you can do to get you there, and how your branding can drive that goal. 


Customization. This process isn't like the late 90s where you’re put through the record-studio machine and come off a conveyer belt as a cookie-cutter pop star, this is personal. This is about you, your business, and the big picture. Every step of the process is customized to your needs and schedule with strategic consideration for your short-term and long-term goals. We don’t hone in on what makes you like everyone else in your industry, we hone in on what makes you different and polish how you present that differentiation to the world


The Cohesion Team.  As an entrepreneur, it’s easy to lay out marketing in bits and pieces. You pick one person to design your logo- fabulous! A few weeks later, you hire another person to create your brand guide- love it! Next, you hand those off to a designer for your website. When it’s all done you have your logo, your brand guide, and your website- but do they all align? And not only look like the same brand, but feel like it as well? Did the implementation serve the conception? More often than not, there are holes in ping-pong style branding. Celebrity Science offers a full team dedicated to your brand that actually talks to each other. For every hour you spend with your team, the team spends several more hours together fine-tuning your messaging and presentation. There’s a reason behind every word and every brushstroke. No matter how big or small, nothing gets done without feedback from the entire team to ensure quality, consistency, and strategic repetition. The result is a big impact brand that has cohesion and a clear visual story. When you walk into an Apple Store in the Philippines, you still know you’re in an Apple store. When you walk into a Louis Vuitton in Brazil, you know you’re in Louis Vuitton. That’s not an accident, and that’s what Celebrity Science brings to your brand. 

A Plan for Synergy. Celebrity Science does it all. From video production, to focus groups, social media management, podcasts, consulting, and more. But does a laundry list of projects really serve your business and drive revenue? Well, the answer is, with Celebrity Science, that’s the whole point. Walt Disney Studios is without a doubt one of the biggest, most recognizable brands in history. Why is that? Is it because they make good movies? Well, sure, that’s a factor, but there’s something much bigger at play. Walt Disney Studios has endless divisions that all have one thing in common, they exist to serve each other. The Disney Channel brings awareness to upcoming films, the films drive consumers to the theme parks, the theme parks drive visitors to buy merchandise. In an endless series of arrows pointing to each division, everything drives toward a common goal. That's how Celebrity Science creates your branding blueprint. Each marketing deliverable has intent and strategy behind it to bring new eyes to your brand and open you up to your dream audience of potential clients.  

If you'd like to learn more about Celebrity Science, please visit the website here. 

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