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Elena Rahrig is a serial entrepreneur who got her start when she was 12 years old. Her father, who was a successful network marketer had only one dream for his daughter and that was to become an entrepreneur. So, he paid her to read business books when she turned 12 years old. Spoiler alert! It ended up being a good thing, but while she was otherwise engaged in adult-oriented books, she was missing out on her childhood. Watch this Member Spotlight Podcast video and learn about Elena's story and how she built her empires. Also, discover a simple tool right at your fingertips that could help you start to build your own empire today. 


Watch the video to see the entire interview with Elena Rahrig or click here to listen to the podcast.

Highlights from the Interview with Elena Rahrig

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My Parents Never Cared about School

When all the kids were getting grounded for bad grades, Elena Rahrig's parents could care less. But that didn't mean her parents were anti-education. The education they cared most about was the practical kind that would serve Elena throughout her life. 

When Elena turned 12 year old, her Dad gave her books to read. Not books other kids her age were reading about Princesses and Hobbits. They were business books, and they came with a price. Yup, her Dad actually paid HER to read them! You see he was a successful businessman in the network marketing industry, and he wanted his daughter to be a successful entrepreneur as well. 

"Most kids get cut off at 18. I was cut off at 12. If I wanted a shirt at the mall, I had to earn it by reading a book my father gave me."

I Was Really Lonely as a Child

Elena was known as the rich girl on the block, which didn't bode well for her. She had no friends except for the summer when everyone would come over to her family's pool. When school started, they all abandoned her. She suffered from depression, which almost brought her to the brink of ending her life.

 "Entrepreneurship chose me. I didn't choose IT."

My Next 30 Years Will be the Best Years of My Life

Like her Dad, Elena started in network marketing and became a speaker and #1 in the company. The only problem was, she hated network marketing! After Elena was asked to fill in for a motivational speech, everything changed for her. It was that talk and reading Joyce Meyer's books that set her on a path to building her own empire and helping others do the same. 

A little help from Tim McGraw's song, "My Next 30 Years", also gave her the courage to leave the network marketing business and do her own thing. 

Elena began writing books and eventually created her own publishing firm. 

Keys to Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur 

Elena has created her own online academy with programs that keeps growing.

She developed a tool called '3-A Objectives' to achieve success:

  • Awareness

  • Achievement

  • Autonomy

These are the things Elena has used to help her online community grow their business and build empires of her own. Elena's main objective for her own business and others comes down to the acronym, T.I.M.E.

T - Time

I - Impact

M- Money

E - Excitement

She says every entrepreneur should strive to reach all 4 of those things. Without them, your business won't serve you or others in the biggest way possible. 

Want to learn more? Elena reveals a big secret that you can use today to start building your empire today. Watch the video or listen to the Podcast and find out how your can have more T.I.M.E. in your life. 

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