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How to Maximize SEO for Your Business Website
Simple Tips for Entrepreneurs

Everyone knows about SEO, but do you know about SEO? SEO is Search Engine Optimization. Simply put, SEO is meant to help people find your website. You want someone looking for your services to enter what they want into Google and have your site appear close to the top, right? Obviously, a great way to do this is to hire professional SEO experts to help you, but if you’re not there yet there are several little things you can do to improve your odds. Let’s take a look.

Use the right language. We are all about professional copywriters here, they’re expert professionals who wordsmith how to make the magic you do easy to understand, impressive, and desirable. But not all copywriters are SEO experts. So, when you are thinking about the name of your company, how to tag pages, Google descriptions, and more, make sure the copy reflects what people are most likely to search. If you specialize in custom jewelry, do not add an SEO description that says, “bespoke jewelry for your luminous self”, people probably aren’t googling that phrase. Use something like “custom jewelry made to order.”

Use Google Trends. If you participated in our Grow with Google Challenge this past October, then you already know the magic that is Google Trends. If you weren’t able to join us, Google Trends should be your new best friend when analyzing SEO friendly language. Are you debating whether to use the word custom or bespoke? Powerful versus fierce? Google trends will help you see which word is more searched and where those searches are taking place. Check it out here.

Tag everything, even photos. Just because you have had a beautiful website created, doesn’t mean it’s going to show up in a Google search the way you want. Familiarize yourself with your website’s SEO tagging features and do not forget to tag those photos!

Consider plug-ins AND professional guidance. While most modern websites have SEO functions to help you out, there are many plug-ins that could greatly improve your SEO as well. If SEO and website functionality is not the sandbox you usually play in, consider hiring a professional for a trial contract. SEO can be your greatest asset in helping people actually find the amazing website you’ve created, you don’t want it just sitting out there with no one clicking on it, so consider consulting with a professional on your SEO along with any plug-ins they recommend.

The long and short of it is that SEO is a complicated animal that has the ability to help you in a huge way. Once you have a website you love, create an SEO plan to help you get the level of visibility you want and deserve. You are irreplaceable and people want what you’re selling! You’ve just got to give them the right nudge to find it!

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