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The 9th Annual PLATINUM Summit took place at the Balboa Bay Resort in Newport Beach, CA. It was an event to remember. Let's hear what people are saying!

"OMG. All I can say about my first PLATINUM Summit is "WHY WAS THIS MY FIRST PLATINUM SUMMIT?" Sandra has been speaking on behalf of women entrepreneurs before it was the IT THING. This community is everything to a woman entrepreneur or a woman looking to become an entrepreneur. Not only is she a master at connecting and growing a business, she has surrounded herself with like-minded women. The support I received at my first summit was more than I could have ever imagined. Not only did I get ideas on my current business, I now have jumped into another project and invested in another business. I got back four days ago. My outlook changed my first day back at the office, I was lighter, more focused and more goal oriented than I have been in a long time. I am honored to be a PLATINUM member and be a part of this brilliant community." -Amanda Rawls


"Sandra pours into us so much and she always comes up with new content that is timely and useable!! Plus the sisterhood of the feel so welcome and so loved! It amazes me how everyone wants to lift others around them to new heights!" – Tami McDonald

"This Platinum experience in 2022 was my favorite eWomenNetwork event to date! The heartfelt connections of like-minded individuals offered a space of belonging and growth." – Christina Dyer


"Attending a Platinum conference is unlike any other conference I've ever attended. The access to Sandra, Kym and Briana - and their brilliance - is the energy and inspiration I need. And when I get home, with my lists of ideas, the thing that always stands out are the people I had connected with, and the creativity that is sparked by being in the room of such awesome, inspiring women." – Donna Galassi

"Briana was amazing! I love her youthful spirit BUT her content and knowledge is all seasoned! She not only delivered, but walked us through and showed us how to do it. All good stuff...and NEW. She is on top of it!" – Judy Fritz

"Three flights from Canada to get to the eWomenNetwork Platinum Summit and it did not disappoint. The hotel was beautiful and clean with friendly, professional staff. The Spa was a hidden gem for this resort. The information at Summit was timely and valuable for my business. Let's go 2022!" – Tara McDonald

                                                                                                                          "I loved everything about the conference. This was my first Platinum and I really enjoyed it. It reminded me of the early conferences back when things were much smaller when I first joined originally in 2004. I love the intimate size. One of my favorite parts was the 5 min talks everyone gave. It’s so nice to get to know people on a deeper level and hear their zone of genius." -Amy N. Lawrence

"Without a doubt the eWomenNetwork Platinum Summit is my favorite event of the year. I plan to come in early and stay a day late to both connect with my other Platinum Sisters and to go over the numerous tactics that we are taught at this event and plan my implementation strategy. I feel so blessed to be a Platinum member of eWomenNetwork as not only do I get massive education from Sandra, Kym & Briana but I am exposed to new ways of thinking that totally keeps my business in an ever expanding growth pattern." – Karen M. Fisher

"'Your Business is Music' was more than I expected because it felt fresh, a new way to add to content and it's perfect for Kym with his music history, he is very authentic around this and crafted it well to make complete sense as to why we should be looking at music as an addition to content and brand." -Mary Lou Newbold

"eWomenNetwork Platinum is a community of high-powered, highly motivated and driven women entrepreneurs. The yearly Platinum event is my favorite to attend. This community embraces each other, supports each other and most of all lifts each other up to be better business owners. They want you to succeed. 2 1/2 days learning from master story tellers, educators and innovators is just part of the experience. It is such a pleasure to be a part of this generous community of leaders." – Toni Caruso

"Sandra always offers a new and fresh idea and presentation of the most important things we need to focus on. I like that they are asking us what we need to know and then doing presentations around those issues. I also loved the time we had to hear from Marilyn Tam and her wisdom and knowledge and struggle she went through and how that has helped me realize I have so much opportunity." - Robin Edgar


"This was my first Platinum event. I went in not knowing what to expect but was so sad to see the event coming to an end. I am still processing all the information I walked away with and how I can implement it into my current situation. I felt empowered to achieve and succeed in a monumental way and truly felt the energy in the room from everyone who attended. This is not something that should be skipped and I am already looking forward to 2023!" -Cynthia Beving

So let's hear it: what was your favorite part of PLATINUM Summit 2022?

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