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For the modern age, a lot of ladies are more empowered to become earners in the family. This may be a combination of the rising costs of consumer products, as well as the growing emphasis of women empowerment in society.

Even as a working woman, it does not mean that you do not get to have a career and manage to balance being a mother as well.

However, if you have a team member that is expecting, then you have to know that it is important for them to learn how to not only manage the workload while taking care of their body but also how to reduce office stress. We are here to share some ways you can help them reduce the level of stress they get from work. Check them out! 

Offer informal flexibility

When it comes to the modern workplace, a lot of places now offer a more flexible working environment. One such innovation is allowing team members to work from home. There are some cases wherein a pregnant woman is required to have a bed rest. Or they will need to schedule a doctor’s appointment and would mean that they will be unable to get to work. Thus, it is advisable for team members to offer a work-from-home option for their expectant team members. That way, it won’t affect the company’s productivity that much.

Reconsider their workload

If you know that a particular team member is pregnant, then you should consider the type and amount of workload that you assign to them. Not only that, you should reconsider how their break time goes for the time being. There are obviously going to be moments in the office where the workload is heavier than at other times. Make sure that your pregnant team members don’t go through too much stress and that you don’t give them stress during this very delicate time in their life.

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Set up a mother’s room

If you have mothers-to-be in the office who aren’t in a work-from-home arrangement, then make sure that you make the office more comfortable for them to work in.

One way you can improve their lives is by setting up a mother’s room in the office for them. Should they need to breastfeed their baby, then they have the mother’s room to do so. Also, if they need to pump, instead of having them hideaway at a small bathroom stall, it’s better that you provide them with a comfortable facility from the get-go.

In relation to this, you need to make sure that the room is clean and sanitary. At Maid Sailors NYC Office Cleaning, we advise our clients to use safe and non-chemical cleaning supplies to prevent a pregnant woman from inhaling chemicals that can be harmful to her unborn child.

Provide a family-friendly environment

Whether or not there is a mother-to-be in your office, it is important that you have a family-friendly office environment. In fact, it is one way to reduce work-related stress among team members. Therefore, if you want to help your pregnant team members feel less stressed, then make sure you create social support among you and your colleagues to help them with their pregnancy journey. A family-friendly environment will cost your office nothing while at the same time reducing the stress that your expecting team members will get from the work.

Organize support groups

Speaking of creating a family-friendly work environment, one way you can help reduce the stress of your pregnant team members is by creating support groups in your office. This can be composed of parent team members, mothers, or even between pregnant team members that you have. Having these support groups will help an expecting mother feel like they have a group of people to turn to who can understand knows how to deal with what they’re going through.

Make the processing of maternity benefits easy

When it comes to getting the maternity benefits for pregnancy in a company, there are organizations with cumbersome processing. Something that is not ideal for a pregnant woman to go through.

There are also cases that organizations do this to discourage team members to claim their maternity benefits. However, this is unethical and punishable by law. So, if you don’t want to see your team member in court, make it easy for her to process and claim her maternity benefits. By making it uncomplicated and accessible, you significantly reduce the worries of your pregnant team members.

Bring diversions at work

Sometimes, it’s time to let loose a little in the workplace, especially after the whole team has managed to squeeze through a tough working period. By arranging fun activities and other diversions at work, you not only reduce the stress for your expecting mothers in the workplace, but you also relieve every team member of their stress.

There are a lot of simple ways you can relieve the stress of your team, which is also something that pregnant team members can do. Just do your research and see what they’re comfortable with doing. Providing support for all members of your organization is an important part of creating a healthy and robust work culture. By having active measures set in place for your expectant team members to reduce stress levels, you make their life less stressful and you gain more loyalty team members in turn.

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About the Author:

Raymond Chiu is the Director of Operations for Maid Sailors NYC Office Cleaning.

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