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Sandra & Briana's Favorite Things
CEO Favorites for the Holidays and Beyond!

When you’re a CEO, you’re a busy gal. You must ensure that your time is productive, lucrative, and well thought out, and furthermore, you must have the tools to help you do that! And yes, we’re talking about tech and software, but there are also daily items that can make you happier and more productive in play too!

Here are some of Sandra & Briana’s Favorite Things!

If you’re never heard of Stanley 1913, you’re in for a treat. A brand with a 100+ year history, Stanley 1913 is the proud maker of insulated travel cups, food storage, and more to join you on all of your adventures. Plus, their tumblers and lunchboxes are perfect for keeping your warms warm and your colds cold when you’re on the go! Click here to check them out!

Another disruptive brand to admire is Caliwater, founded by Vanessa Hudgens. A breakthrough innovation, Caliwater is the first ever cactus water beverage on the market! Packed with naturally occurring electrolytes and skin fortifying antioxidants, this beverage is delicious to boot! It’s hard to be productive when you’re dehydrated, so you better stock up! If you follow Bri on Insta, you know that she is all about products that keep you healthy and hydrated, Caliwater is a new fave! Click here to check them out!

Luxy has tons of amazing products that Sandra loves, but she especially loves the Velcro Hair Rollers. Whether she be preparing to speak on a massive stage, snuggle in for an intimate mastermind, or hop on a quick zoom call, Luxy Velcro Hair Rollers are the reason Sandra’s curls always look lush and long lasting. Luxy keeps it all in the family as Briana is a fellow Luxy lover, utilizing their clip-in extensions to awaken her “boss lady” alter ego! Check out the whole family of Luxy products here!   

If you’ve ever been lucky enough to join us for one of Sandra’s webinars, then you know Sandra is a PLANNER. After all, a goal without a plan is just a wish! That’s why Sandra uses Plan Chicly planners to get the job done. In addition to their well thought out structure that accommodates your schedule, goals, and habits- they’re also GORGEOUS. And if you’re not a planner person, they have tons of other luxury products that you must check out! Click here to browse Plan Chicly products!

Last but not least, as an entrepreneur you’ve got to stay connected. Connected to your clients, connected to your staff, and connected to your people in general! That means you need quality technology that’s easy to carry on the go! Briana’s favorite is the Dell XPS lightweight laptop. With travel being far more frequent nowadays, a lightweight, high-quality laptop is MUST! If you’re an entrepreneur on the go, this is the laptop you should be looking at! And BONUS, shop using this link, and you receive an eWomenNetwork discount! 

What are your favorite things this holiday season?

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