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The New Year is right around the corner. This means it’s a time for fresh starts and new perspectives. The entrepreneur that you were at the beginning of the year no longer exists. Global trends, life events, and market shifts have caused you to evolve over the months. You’re looking forward to the future, but what things do you need to consider before this change happens? 

There are many skills that entrepreneurs must have in order to be successful at what they do. But, here are 12 specific skills that entrepreneurs must elevate before the New Year:


It’s important for entrepreneurs to adapt to changing industry conditions, demands, and global trends. A successful entrepreneur is someone who is able to adapt themselves in a constantly evolving market. Much like many of us didn’t know the pandemic would have such a significant impact on our businesses, we must be able to pivot and move forward no matter what happens. 

Hiring the Right Team

Having a millionaire mindset means having a solid understanding of the importance of collaboration. A successful entrepreneur is one who knows that he or she alone cannot get everything done efficiently. This is where hiring the right team with the right skills for the job comes in. Key things to be aware of is passion, positive attitude, and ability to understand the role of the position well, of the potential team member.  

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If you want to get things done effectively and productively, grow your skill of focus. It’s important for entrepreneurs to set goals and consistently accomplish them. Distractions and lack of focus can lead you away from achieving success.

Being Open-Minded 

As an entrepreneur, you’ll come across many individuals with ideas that are different from yours. The key to success here is being able to actively hear others out and think from a perspective outside of your own. We may feel like our idea is the best choice, especially when we’re coming from a place of passion, but it’s good to collaboratively come to a decision. 

Managing Negative Emotions/Thoughts

Sometimes things are going really great with business and other times you’re running around like a chicken without a head trying to keep everything from falling apart. No matter the highs and lows, being a successful entrepreneur means learning how to recover from the lows quickly. Learning how to control negative emotions and thoughts can ensure nothing interferes with your goals.


If there’s anything this pandemic has taught us as entrepreneurs it’s that thinking outside-of-the-box can lead to success, even in times of uncertainty or crisis. Innovation is key to standing out in your market and creating products or services that consumers will love.

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 Maintaining a Digital Presence

The shift to the virtual world took this year by storm as in-office workdays became remote, in-person meetings moved to Zoom, and entrepreneurs’ success relied heavily on the digital space. Every entrepreneur should ensure they're on the social media platforms that they’re consumers are, updating marketing materials to reflect the most relevant information, and engaging with others online to create a loyal community.


A successful entrepreneur is self-aware in their professional and personal life. This means that they are completely aware of their strengths and weaknesses, and how both come to play in the business realm. This can help prevent doubts or overestimations of their capabilities and ultimately lead to success.

Ability to Sell

Successful entrepreneurs must be able to evaluate market needs effectively and act on findings in a timely manner. They must understand how to be a salesperson without coming off as ingenuine or too pushy. Perfect your sales pitch, find confidence in communicating it, and continue to review your efforts to see what’s working and what isn’t.

Having Empathy 

Being able to feel the emotions of others and put yourself in their shoes can take you a long way and offer many opportunities as an entrepreneur. Now more than ever, it’s important to be kind to others and do business in a compassionate manner. You’ll leave a significant mark on everyone you cross paths with.


Collaboration is great, but you must also balance it with the ability to be self-reliant. Successful entrepreneurs must be able to rely solely on themselves when needed in order to get certain tasks done. Always reflect on whether it’s more productive and efficient to rely on others or simply yourself before making business decisions.

Stay Organized

It’s hard for entrepreneurs to get things done when what they need is nowhere to be found. Ensure that you keep documents and files organized to save the time and effort of searching high and low for something. When you take the time to implement small changes like this, you’re able to do bigger and better things in the long run.


Above all else, you must ensure that you’re passionate about what you’re doing. It’s not fulfilling if you have to force yourself to do something you think you want to do instead of loving every second of doing it. Half-hearted attempts at anything can never be successful. 

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