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In the spirit eWomenNetwork's philosophy of 'Giving First, Sharing Always and Lifting As We Climb', the company's Founder and CEO, Sandra Yancey, shares the best gift she ever gave.

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The Best Gift Sandra Ever Gave 

You know I love giving gifts. If I think about one of the most favorite gifts I’ve ever given, I think what pops up for me is the year I gave a box of candles. It was a box of 12 different candles, and they were all labeled. They were labeled believe, hope, courage, and inspire. You get the track of what I’m saying. I love it because I felt like I was giving a gift for a whole year. It was 12 candles. I remember saying, “whenever you need a dose of inspiration, whatever that is, you can open this box. You’ll be able to find it and light it.” It came with a little plate that you sat the candle on with a little pair of tweezers. Inside was a charm and as the candle burned you could get to the charm and keep it as a reminder of what you were searching for that day.

What I loved most, was that my girlfriend told me she was having one of those days where she felt like nothing was going right. She wanted as much good joojoo as she could get. She took all the candles out and she placed them all around her room. Then she lit them, got in her favorite chair with her favorite blanket and watched the candles flickering and receiving. It makes me teary eyed thinking about it. Giving her the gift of receiving all that the world could give her. How meaningful that was. It helped her get through an otherwise very dark time. The light got her through this dark time and, um, yeah, that’s the favorite gift I think I’ve ever given someone.

 Giving her the gift of receiving all that the world could give her. How meaningful that was. It helped her get through an otherwise very dark time. 

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Sandra Yancey

Founder & CEO, eWomenNetwork
Sandra is an award-winning entrepreneur and is recognized by the International Alliance for Women as one of the world’s 100 Top Difference Makers and by CNN as an American Hero. The eWomenNetwork Foundation she created has, to date, awarded cash grants to 115 non-profit organizations and scholarships to 167 emerging female leaders of tomorrow.

Today, eWomenNetwork is a multi-million dollar enterprise with over 500,000 women connected through 118 chapters spread across North America. One of the key ingredients to eWomenNetwork’s 17 continuous years of success is its culture and face-to-face engagement. The company produces over 1,000 women’s business events each year and the #1 Women’s Entrepreneur Conference and Business Expo of its kind in North America annually.  

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