The eWomenNetwork Team & Our New Year's Resolutions
2023, Here we Come!

NAME: Anne

TITLE: Executive Resource Manager

WHAT I DO AT EWN: I assist Sandra Yancey with special projects and events, requests for appointments, travel and speaking engagements. I also manage the process for the Femtor awards and the eWomenFoundation grants, Emerging Leaders and Business Matchmakers. 

INTERESTS/HOBBIES: Movies, listening to live music, and spending time with family.

MY RESOLUTION(S) FOR 2023: Cook more meals at home and eat more veggies!

NAME: Astrid

TITLE: Marketing & Brand Specialist

WHAT I DO AT EWN: I do all things graphic design and marketing, including but not limited to: logos, decks, email marketing, web design, and more. 

INTERESTS/HOBBIES: My dog, and my two horses. I am a creative person at heart, and I am probably what you would call a serialpreneur. I love to read and I love everything related to art, design, and photography. I am a total foodie and love to travel and explore culinary worlds while honing the art of cooking. I am passionate about riding and showing dressage in the competitive equestrian world.

MY RESOLUTION(S) FOR 2023: Take my projects to the next level, spend more quality time with my loved ones, and work towards my ultimate goal: Made it to a Million!

NAME: Briana Dai

TITLE: Creative Director & Co-Producer of Celebrity Science

WHAT I DO AT EWN: I get to collaborate with all the creatives on our team and provide overall direction for all the outward-facing elements of the eWomenNetwork brands like the blog, social media channels, event design, digital marketing campaigns, emails, you name it.

INTERESTS/HOBBIES: Home décor, party planning, and coloring with my toddler!

MY RESOLUTION(S) FOR 2023: I prefer to call them my “intentions” rather than my “resolutions,” so my top 3 intentions for 2023 are, 1) to find a method of exercise that I can enjoy, look forward to, and make a consistent habit of doing. We preach self-care as one of our values and I know moving my body is a critical component of that, so I want to really practice that component this year in a way that brings me joy and doesn’t feel like a chore. 2) I want to practice more mindfulness and meditation. As a woman who wears a lot of hats at work and home, this year I really want to improve on my abilities to stay grounded and set aside time to make that a regular practice rather than something I lean on only when overwhelm starts to creep in, as I tend to do (just keeping it real with yah). And 3) I really want to take eWomenNetwork to a whole other level this year. A biproduct of personal growth is that it pours into your professional growth as well and I have BIG ideas and BIG plans to roll out in 2023 that I know are going to be a game-changer for our community and I am excited to see them come to life and watch our mission to help 1 million women each achieve one million dollars in annual revenue materialize more rapidly and on a larger scale. Stay tuned!!

NAME: Connie Smith

TITLE: Accounting Department

WHAT I DO AT EWN: Process Transactions and Reconciliations

INTERESTS/HOBBIES: Cooking, Gaming, Beach Combing

MY RESOLUTION(S) FOR 2023: Using technology to create accounting processes enabling the accounting functions to be streamlined. To spend more time on the beach. 

NAME: Cory

TITLE: Image Consultant

WHAT I DO AT EWN: On-Demand Wardrobe Stylist available anywhere, anytime, for anything.

INTERESTS/HOBBIES: Fashion shows, Interior Design, Traveling, and learning about real estate flipping.

MY RESOLUTION(S) FOR 2023: Launch my Online Women’s Store.

NAME: Jenn  

TITLE: Senior Copywriter

WHAT I DO AT EWN: Write and strategize for the Celebrity Science branding division. 

INTERESTS/HOBBIES: Reading, writing, dog walking and art.

MY RESOLUTION(S) FOR 2023: Go to more art galleries and museums around the country.

NAME: Jillian

TITLE: Social Media Coordinator

WHAT I DO AT EWN:  Produce and create social media strategy and content. 

INTERESTS/HOBBIES: I danced ballet for 10 years.  Been practicing yoga and mediation since 2011.  Obsessed with anything by Summer Fridays.  

MY RESOLUTION(S) FOR 2023: Prioritizing health and self-care as well as sticking to a daily schedule.  


TITLE: Photographer

WHAT I DO AT EWN: Branding Photography


MY RESOLUTION(S) FOR 2023: Commit to a healthier habits.

NAME: Johnell

TITLE: Director, Member Experience & Managing Director Success

WHAT I DO AT EWN: I support our members and membership programs and hire, train and support Managing Directors. I also lead a number of Corporate initiatives as part of the Executive Team.

INTERESTS/HOBBIES: Walking, reading, learning, traveling and cruising, making fused glass jewelry, and hanging out with my 6 grandchildren.

MY RESOLUTION(S) FOR 2023: Finding fun, new ways to help women discover their passion and recognize that age is just a number and that success can come at any time. My goal is to share my knowledge so that it inspires and motivates others to continuing learning and growing.

NAME: Kerry M Keating


WHAT I DO AT EWN: Accounting & Finance



NAME: Kym  

TITLE: President, Executive Producer, CMO eWomenNetwork and Celebrity Science

WHAT I DO AT EWN: Create, Direct, Produce & Promote the eWomenNetwork Brand. I help our members accelerate their speed of growth and gain access to the resources they need to achieve, succeed, and prosper.

INTERESTS/HOBBIES: I love exploration and laughter and I do as much as a can, of that, with my bride. I’m a music man and drummer who is constantly moving to the internal beat of my drum.

MY RESOLUTION(S) FOR 2023: Continue to be thankful for and celebrate my good health. Continue my journey of constant learning and , enjoy more family time with my kids/grandkids.

NAME: Leah

TITLE: Senior Copywriter

WHAT I DO AT EWN: Write copy for websites, video scripts, client deck, taglines, and more. 

INTERESTS/HOBBIES: Hiking, hang-gliding, caving, reading, and watching movies. 

MY RESOLUTION(S) FOR 2023: Incorporating acts and an attitude of goodwill and opening up to creative energy flow. 

NAME: Leanne  

TITLE: Special Projects Manager

WHAT I DO AT EWN: I work on any special projects as my help is needed/requested seeing as I am “retired” – LOL!

INTERESTS/HOBBIES: I love spending time with my family, puzzles, reading, games on my iPhone, cooking and playing games with the family, binge-watching great shows and looking forward to traveling around the country in our new RV.

MY RESOLUTION(S) FOR 2023: Stay healthy with no accidents or surgeries. Lose weight (aren’t we all?). Eat better food and get to exercising. Train Sophie the dog to use the doggie door!

NAME: Nicole

TITLE: Project Manager

WHAT I DO AT EWN: I’m Kym and Briana’s right hand for the Celebrity Science branding division. I keep the creative team on track, work with Celebrity Science clients, and write the eWN blog. 

INTERESTS/HOBBIES: Books/Films (horror and rom-coms especially), hiking, and my dog/soulmate, Bailey.

MY RESOLUTION(S) FOR 2023: To maintain and improve the good habits/physical transformation from 2022, but mostly to focus on self-transformation, personal development, and what direction I want to see my life go. I anticipate this will take many hours of therapy and my new MasterClass subscription, but either way, it should be an interesting journey! 

NAME: Noel

TITLE: Program and Special Projects Manager

WHAT I DO AT EWN: I work closely with our Managing Directors and corporate team to ensure everyone has what they need to take care of our members. 

INTERESTS/HOBBIES: Working out, watching anime, and going to the movies. 

MY RESOLUTION(S) FOR 2023: In addition to continuing on my journey at eWN, I'd like to go back to school in my spare time to complete my degree.  

Name: Priscilla  

Title: Content Creator

WHAT I DO AT EWN: I document many things! I’ve photographed Celebrity Science clients as well as document behind the scenes through video throughout EWN various events. I’ve photographed the last two Conferences and then recently have been creating more video content for their social media.

INTERESTS/HOBBIES: Yoga, Rock-Climbing & playing Ukulele

MY RESOLUTION(S) FOR 2023: Start Two Passion Project Documentaries, improve my time management and work on putting myself first.

NAME: Sandra

TITLE: Founder and CEO

WHAT I DO AT EWN: Vision, strategy, and occasional carpet spot cleaner-upper.

INTERESTS/HOBBIES: Women entrepreneurs, relationship building, cooking, flower gardening, and indulging in my Granddaughter.  

MY RESOLUTION(S) FOR 2023: Simplify that which is no longer serving me or yielding big results to make space to amplify.  And begin traveling the world again!  

NAME: Toni  

TITLE: Executive Director, eWomenSpeakersNetwork

WHAT I DO AT EWN: I support, help and train eWomenSpeakersNetwork members build their business and communities on stage.

INTERESTS/HOBBIES: Love to rollerblade, read and connect over a great glass of wine.

MY RESOLUTION(S) FOR 2023: After a recent knee surgery, I am looking to be more active, get healthier and travel throughout the US hosting Speaker Competitions.

And last, but NEVER least... 

NAME: Dash

TITLE: CMO (Chief Morale Officer)

WHAT I DO AT EWN: Keep the team happy with cuddles and fit with outside walkies. 

INTERESTS/HOBBIES: Catching the ball down the eWomenNetwork hallway with my Mom, hiding my bones around the office for the team to find, and sleeping in the conference room.

MY RESOLUTION(S) FOR 2023: Keep my humans fit with regular walks, alert my family when people are at the door, and generally LOVE LIFE! 


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