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Listen Carefully with Your Heart

The keys to being bold, brave and beautiful is first you have to listen carefully to your own heart, as Sandra Yancey talks about in the video. You can't take a bold step until you know exactly what it is you want. To know what you want, you need to get quiet. That's a hard thing to do when you're trying to manage a million different things including, but not limited to, your business, your family, your home...need I go on?

The Keys to Being Bold, Brave and Beautiful

Bravery reveals itself in big and little ways. It could be quitting your corporate job to start your own business. Or it could be simply picking up the phone to call a new prospect.

Bold, Brave and Beautiful has a whole new meaning for our 2016 eWomenNetwork Humanitarian of the Year, Mama Shu.   She lost her 2-year-old son nearly a decade ago to a hit-and-run driver. The day it happened she thought her life was over. But then, an amazing thing happened. Shu says, "When I woke up the next day and saw I was still here. I thought I must be some kind of super woman." Mama Shu took that tragedy and turned it into a community project where she is turning a blighted street in Detroit and creating a haven called, "The Avalon Village." It includes a park named for her son, a homework house for children, a health and wellness center and even a cafe.

Click here to listen to the whole story of Mama Shu on my podcast, "Spotlight on eWomenNetwork."

Being Bold and Brave from New Jersey to Montana

SOAR graduate and Master Coach, Sandye Brown, says in her webinar presentation on eWomen Success Institute, "The ambitious future you want for yourself will not be achieved by the person you are today. It will require you to make a series of bold moves to truly transform your life and your business." Sandye, herself, made a series of bold moves. As a child, she suffered a lot of emotional, physical and sexual abuse. She began taking drugs at age 14 and continued on that path for 20 years. Sandye climbed the corporate ladder despite the drug abuse. She finally ended her charade, quit her job and moved from New Jersey to Montana where she started her life over again. Sandye is now one of only 800 certified Master Coaches in the World. She uses her story of bold moves to coach others to do the same.

4-Keys to Unlock Your Next Bold Move

In Sandye's Success Institute presentation, she shares her 4-Keys to Unlock Your Next Bold Move. Here it is in a nutshell:

K - Know what you want...and why

E - Expect and embrace setbacks

Y - Say "Yes" to the future that is waiting for you

S - Surrender

What is your next bold move? Comment Below..

Accomplishing the Impossible

Ken Kragen is one of the most famous entertainment managers from the 70's. His clients included most of the top pop stars in the world including, Lionel Richie, Kenny Rogers, Olyvia Newton John, The Bee Gees, just to name a few. He is also the mastermind behind the USA for Africa "We Are the World" song and "Hands Across America (celebrating it's 30th anniversary this year)."Ken is a man who knows how to take bold moves and make the impossible happen. In my podcast interview with him, we talked about what it takes to make the bold moves, and he said, "It's a childlike innocence that I don't know better and I just don't understand the word, 'No.'" 

Your Next Bold Move

So, now it's your turn. First, get quiet and listen to your heart. What does your intuition tell you? Are you moving in a direction that just doesn't feel right? Are you working with a client who isn't a good fit? Do you need help finding clarity?

Your first bold move is to know yourself. After that, the sky's the limit.

Tell us about a bold move you took that changed your life.

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Author, Phyllis Smith
Content Manager, eWomenNetwork 


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