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The Power of Conferences for Entrepreneurs
The Best Reasons to Attend Conferences

As we relish in the middle of the joy that is ICON 2022, we thought it would be a good time to talk about the importance of entrepreneurs attending business conferences and the outstanding benefits.

1.) NETWORKING. Never underestimate the power of immersing yourself in an audience of like-minded people. Conferences are filled with potential. Potential clients, potential vendors, potential business partners, and friends! Load up on those business cards and wear your smile, because conferences are the place to be for networking!

2.) SPEAKERS. Good conferences do a great job at curating diverse speakers that educate, inspire, and entertain. Being able to see a CEO, Senior Vice President of a major technology corporation, Fitness Influencer, Television Producer, and Branding Icon in a single conference is pretty darn amazing. Every conference is different, but the best have a lineup that makes you go WOW.

3.) SPEAKING OPPORTUNITIES. So many entrepreneurs are (or want to be) speakers. If you’re looking to get on more stages, go look at those stages! Shake those hands and watch those talks! You’ll learn a lot about the kind of content and speakers organizations are looking for by being there in person.

4.) TRAINING. Once we leave school, it’s easy to assume our education is over, but good entrepreneurs know better. Leaving school only means that you have to seek out those opportunities for valuable learning, collaboration, and workshopping. Conferences are an amazing way to do that!

5.) FUN. Entrepreneurs work hard. I mean HARD. Filling your creative and mental well is so important and it can be hard to find those opportunities to do so while building and running a business. Conferences now only provide you with valuable learning and networking opportunities, they also allow you to step out of your usual space, take a breath and have some fun!

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